Vision & Mission

Our aim is not completion of syllabus ,putting across facts to students and help them support good marks. Our true aim is preparation for life, to embalm the wounds of shrieking  humanity, to wipe out the tears of less fortunate and to fight against the social evils with unflinching fortitude. To  set an example of selfless service towards humanity ,many poor students are provided free education in Mata Mohan Dai  Oswal public school . The school building have best infrasture with all the modern facilities, school grounds, smart classes and computer labs . Sports are promoted by giving free education to the promising sportsperson .

Shri Abhey Oswal wished  to establish a corruption free school where children are not cheated. Shrimati  Aruna Oswal efficiently give shape to this long cherished dream. Living up to the standard of the elite the mediocre and even the ordinary, Mata Mohan Dai Oswal has catered to every strata to society right from its inception in 1991. Keeping at bay the status or education of the parents, we at Mata Mohan Dai Oswal have endeavored to nurture a normal child doing wonders at every step .